Little Ann Sucking Her Thumbs in Terror (live)

Stray Dog(live)

Therapin (live)

Sad Hippie Tuckered (live)

What Kind Of Man

The video for the first track from the album Yearnings, directed and edited by Ondrej Bojo.

CIANT Live Session

My friend Isrohan Alvarez who is starting a new life back in his native town of Gualdalajara, Mexico invited me to shoot some live material in CIANT audiovisual studios. The guys there were really friendly, helped us with setting up and shared some more advice. I brought in five songs and we spent the whole afternoon playing live and experimenting with the visuals. In the end, we had recorded three songs, to which I later added some overdubs in my home studio to release the first EP, and we also decided on and edited the best versions for the songs Newborn and Autopsy. Here they are.