Records that made my 2016

Autolux – Future Perfect

I remember lying on a hostel mattress in insanely hot and humid Dumai, Indonesia. The light that day was so blinding, it was nearly impossible to walk around the town and explore it while hearing a plethora of “Hey mister, where you go?” so, instead, I listened to this album. Half way through it, I put down my headphones in dismay. The abrasive guitars and overall sound of western indie band just did not work at all in my setting. I never listened to the record again till I came back to Europe, moved to the city and started commuting to daily job. There it all clicked and I can’t recall a week without listening to this amazing blend of indierock, noise and shoegaze.

Siskiyou – Nervous

One of the few albums I bought in a “blind date” mode. But with Siskiyou there is no risk of not falling in love. If I ever want to come back to February 2016, hear the jagged tones of my fender in our house laudry room, cook fried rice with fish sauce for my parents, talk to my mum in person every night, feel my anxienty melting with glasses of white wine, or walk in my village after 10 PM in a freezing breeze, I will put on this album. Who said time machine has not been invented yet? It has.

Sunny Day Real Estate – How It Feels To Be Something On

This amazing record was reissued on vinyl last year and it did not slip out my attention. Doses once a week, preferably after dark, a candle on each flank.

Houpací Koně – Kde jste mý přátelé dneska v noci

Písek, Kavárna u Vavřiny, the venue for our next gig. This song’s narcotic groove spills inconspicuously out of the speakers as we sip our beers. The whole room is filled with warmth and floats like a boat in tranquil seas. I knew they had a new album out, but I was hesitant to listen to it and I kind of waited for the album to find me. Good old way. No hype needed. And it did at that precise moment. I am so fucking conservative.

Flash The Readies – Kayos

Ingredients like Explosions in the sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor! blended skillfully and served in the form of delicious five course meal by those amaying guys from Olomouc.

Cass Mccombs – Mangy Love

One day I went to a show and was given a music mag at the entrance. Next day I opened it and read a review about, till that time unknown to me, Cass Mccombs. Another day, I found the record online, gave it a listen and thought it was amazing. And so it went with another two albums by this extraordinary songwriter. He has released eight LPs so far and I do progress very slowly. I’ve been listening to Catacombs, Wit’s End and Mangy Love excessively. Life is good when you know all your friends and family are doing OK, and you still have five albums by this guy to discover.