New EP is out

Though it was released approximately a month ago I do take a moment here to bring it to the daylight on this webpage. The songs are all here on bandcamp and come from the intense writing period of winter 2015, but unlike first two EPs, for this one I waited for my beloved friends Phil and Goncalo to arrive from NYC and Barcelona to help me out with the songs. Days passed pleasantly with our time split among sweaty rehearsals in Vršovice, hiking up to Vinohrady and some male bonding at the local bars and restaurants.

Eventually, we prepared three songs and headed to 3bees studios in Prague to record drums and guitars. After I added some more guitar, bass and vocal tracks in my home studio the record was mixed to my taste by Šablonka at 3bees.

Finally, photography for the cover was made by Wil Hermes in vast and stranded area of Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, which once was a former cargo transfer rail hub and now is silent eerie place.