In the bowels of an iron whale

Mild Sunday afternoon. I am an old gentleman comfortably seated in a cafe. Sipping wine, eating sandwich, reading paper, and wearing suit. It’s about time to change the setting. This is a boring movie. Crossing the street, I find a barge isolated at the river bank, its body resembling an iron whale stuck on the shore. N├íplavka is empty, finally. Why places where people are scarce are so romantic and peaceful? I descent into the iron whale’s bowels. Wooden floor and swings hanging from the low ceilings make me feel at home. A tiny guy shrieking poetry while his friend fondles with his electric guitar. Its unbearably direct. I feel like in the ring, but they win me over towards the end. A familiar scent fills the room as someone opens the stove and loads it with the firewood.

Next act, the band called Introspekce, unleashes spectacular show where swathes of analog synths mate with prog-rock riffs while their charismatic singer in mask and white dress ponders over life in an unexcited, yet sly manner. She does her best at not standing out from the band, but forming its part, and when she sits down on the floor and lets her band mate tweak out a cacophony of sounds from the synthesizers, the effect is enormous. They leave me intrigued. I shall be back to see this again. In the meantime, their EP Gymnasium is available here.

The main act of the night is noise/post-punk duo from San Francisco, All Your Sisters. Their set and presence is wild, lights flash, drum machine pounds hard, their bodies twitch, but it seems to me that their image is more important to them than the music itself, which makes me think of how much different the culture in US and Europe is. But I keep holding on to them, occasionally drifting away in thoughts, until I hear the familiar whistle in my ear and depart to catch the last tram.