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Out on August 23 2017 on CD | Digital

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Fleeting moment is a sudden realization of the Epic Clash between mankind and nature uncovered one hot morning in a quiet car park. Fleeting moment is the abyss of alienation towards the loved one raising a Millennial’s Question. Fleeting moment is the strong desire to run away from the commercialized city to the Exodus Tree, and live in a country house in peace not having to fight the Heavyweight Champion. Fleeting moment is the volatile interest in social and political affairs in Black Monday and Citizen. Fleeting moment is lulling your friend’s shrieking baby Ann to sleep while writing a new song about it at that instance. Fleeting moment is the unbearable heaviness of being Chronically Innocent. Fleeting moments are all the ideas, thoughts and visions I burn for no longer than a week in Anguish Tamer, because the only thing I have ever burned for incessantly is making music. Fleeting moment is when it dawns on you that your parents are soon leaving forever, and that you have been a Privileged Son. Fleeting moment should not be to acknowledge most of us are extremely lucky and it is Our Time now.