Does zeal for lynching and a bland life correlate?

Today I’m sharing a new track from what will be my next record Fleeting moments. Black Monday is a satire inspired by the avalanche of protests on social media when a local supermarket published a catalog where clothes were presented on a black model. And my jaw dropped in disbelief…

Here is the tune accompanied by the illustration from Anastasia Vrublevska. The lyrics follow below.

Is the lack of preaching killing the rests of common sense
Is too much eating what makes the lungs heave with discontent
My naked eyes see rebel masses lie
Is life in comfort filling the heads with nonsense

Does zeal for lynching and a bland life correlate
Does spitting at those who have a religion make you safe
I’ve seen a few and none of them were like
those TV portraits spinning the cobweb round your mind

The time is ticking loud
The bomb is in your violent hands

Standing in the way of those who distinguish the color of man
Why are you always looking for the arguments for letting speak your weakest part
My body will be torn apart by the act of some idle hands
What is it that you’re looking for
I am craving for reason