December shows to come

I will be playing couple of shows next week together with fellow songwriters MD Woods and Benjamin Schwabe, both from Rochester, NY. The idea of touring with someone who you have not met before, but with whom you know you have so much in common is very exciting. I can’t wait to be on the road heading south to reach Vienna following weekend, where we will play a house show. Those guys have been touring Europe for some while now and they mostly play house shows, which makes me – as someone used to have the sound always set and everything arranged in advance – intrigued. It’s still a big challenge for me to stand up in a room and sing without amplification, but the songs from my latest record kinda ask for it. Looking forward to play and meet you there.

We kick off next Sunday December 4th and the dates are as follows:

  • 04.12. Café Souterrain, Prague, 19:00
  • 05.12. Klinika, Prague, acoustic session 20:00
  • 06.12. (A)VOID Floating Gallery, Prague, 19:00
  • 07.12. Kavárna U Vavřiny, Písek, 20:00
  • 08.12. Horká Vana, Č. Budějovice, 20:00
  • 10.12. House show, Vienna

All tucked under one FB event here.

Here is the track Nick sent me when he first contacted me, which I immediately thought was awesome.

And here is Ben Schwabe’s brooding collection Summer Demos of Winter Songs.