Beauty lies in the minimal – Low’s Ones And Sixes

Another amazing music experience worth sharing occured to me lately. This time it was a true nocturne romance. I had intended to buy new Low record for a long time and when I did so this weekend and placed the black pressing on the turntable, I didn’t expect what a journey was ahead of me. I had listened to Ones And Sixes before on youtube through my headphones and found the sound of it vast, but it was nothing compared to the ominous drones and cavernous snare hits that started flooding into my room from the spakers this time. The minimal arrangements wrapped around me like a cobweb and every moment Alan Spakhawk’s and Mimi Parker’s harmonies intertwined below the white ceiling of my room, I nearly fainted. I sat quietly, little tense, crouched and listened on. It never stopped. For the whole fifty seven minutes. Only the candle fluttered as the evening summer air wafted in through the window.