Little Husky is a solo project of singer-songwriter, guitarist, and bedroom recordings aficionado Martin Pípal who has been releasing records under this moniker over the past five years. After the eventful years in Brooklyn-via-Barcelona indie band Goodbye,Labrador, and folk rock quintet Thoola, he finds refuge in Prague and veers all his attention to songwriting. A hushed indie folk debut, Sitting On A Paper Cloud, was released in November 2013 followed by seldom solo performances and a trilogy of lo-fi EPs.

His sophomore effort Yearnings, released in October 2016, draws heavily from the austere sound of artists like Nick Drake or Elliott Smith, and with melancholy-tinged guitars, self-deprecating lyrics and imperfect bedroom sounds delivered his most intimate and cohesive work to date. In the spring of 2017, Little Husky is playing a number of shows across Central Europe and finishing his new album Fleeting moments, which was released on August 2017.

During the whole 2018, Little Husky swaps his acoustic guitar for the electric Telecaster, both in studio and during live performances, and releases two EPs, The Ballad Of An Anxious Father in March 2018 and Trials in March 2019.